bulletAre you often feeling like everyone is on time but you?
bulletDo you feel tired, frustrated and crabby?
bulletHave you lost control over the hours in your day and your life?
bulletDo you find that you consistently fail to prioritize or get the right things done, day to day?
bulletAre your friends, relatives and coworkers giving you a hard time about the amount of quality time you actually expend with them?  

 Heard enough?  Do you want 68 proven, easy, practically, anyone can do tips for Taking Back Your Time?  If so, this audiotape is for you!!


bulletWOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE  MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF? Your significant others and to do the things you enjoy?
bulletHave you had time to just kick back and relax?
bulletAre you doing on a daily basis what you prefer to do?
bulletDo you have the old “I’m in a rut and can’t get out” blues?
bulletAre you so behind at home and/or at work that you feel you can’t even take the vacation days you have earned?

 Why keep suffering?  You Can Learn In 30 Minutes 68 Ways that I and others have perfected over the years, that have aided us in our quest for health, wealth and happiness?  What are you waiting for?  Taking Back Your Time will do it for you!!  


bulletWhat important dates have you forgotten recently?
bulletWhat obligations have you failed to keep?
bulletDid any of the deadlines that you rushed up to cause you to lose out on an important event, deal or opportunity?
bulletAre all of your minutes taken?
bulletAre meetings you arranged or have to attend taking you to the limit of your patience?
bulletDoes your whole life feel disorganized and unprioritized?
bulletHas your day and night turned into one big time frustration?                                          $13.97(Total)
bulletCould you enhance your health or wealth if you had a better handle on your time?

 Seriously you may be like many others who just need to take back their time!!  It can be done and I guarantee “you” will reach easy success if you just try these tried and tested tips for life, time and self management.  And it won’t cost a fortune!  Just grab this audiotape on  Taking Back your Time…Just $13.97  total from our office to you!!!! Let Dr. Gloria “Jo” Floyd  http://www.ncehs.com/drfloyd.htm share some wonderful information that will knock you off your feet and propel you to the next level of success. Look at Dr. Floyd’s resume and you will see a dynamic, energetic, appearing woman who has been honored and praised throughout the United States for her contributions, writings, etc. She is a consummate success and survival strategist and says without shame that “If you don’t know how to control and take back your time, you can forget about reaching your maximal success, wealth, and happiness! So take the challenge and see what you can make your life into with some well placed tips, techniques and strategies for taking back your time…and your life…today! I dare you to do it!!! 


bulletDo you think nothing can help you to better live your life?
bulletHave you gotten to thinking lately that there is no way out?
bulletAre you willing to invest 30 minutes in getting a quick handle on  what is wrong with your time?

Ask yourself why do you want to continue in this “time warp or rut”?

You can manage all components of your life better with the audiotape “Taking Back Your Time”.  This quick but unique rendition will help you:

        Know what is happening to your time

        Employ a strategy to keep your life, and work priorities straightened and in a balanced perspective

        Start and end meetings on time even when you are not the meeting planner.

        Set more effective goals and priorities.                                 $13.97(Total)

        Find ways to spend more time with those you cared about.

        Get you primed for time to find some time for reflection, creativity and solitude. 

So order now by calling 1-866-44NCEHS or 1-866-446-2347, faxing credit card data to 210-698-8701 , or emailing your  order to info@ncehs.com. Just send your name, address, city, state, zip, home, office and fax phone and email to us at NCEHS, 23640 Scenic Loop Road, San Antonio, Texas 78255. Grab some real life for only $13.97...(Total) payable with credit card, check or money order. Your tape will arrive in just a few days. And if you want to order more of Dr. Floyd’s Success and Survival Tactics Series just click to: http://www.DrGloriaJoFloyd.com/audiovis.htm or http://www.ncehs.com/audiovis.htm.


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