Poems / Short Stories For Spiritual Reflections


Prayer Requests


Good Resource For Daily Bible Scriptures and Lessons



When Life Seems Too Tough...

Scars of Life

Have you ever been this Tired?

Is Your Hut Burning

God's Positive Answers

I Love To Live

Thoughts For The Week - Thankfulness

How God Grows Us Up

Making A Difference To A Child Doesn't Require Much

Biblical Directions For Life and Work

Prayers For The Working Woman

My First Christmas In Heaven


Reaching Out

A Wonderful Story About Love

A New School Prayer

Prayer and Praise Warriors

Words To Live By

The Tablecloth Across The Miles

God's Eternal Ink

God's Holding Pattern

Prayer For The Working Man and Woman

The Majesty of Our God

I May Never See Tomorrow

Home Special Request

I'm Free

Letter From Heaven

Let's Be Wise Builders

Someone Cares

Food For Thought

Teacher On Evolution

To Know Jesus and Make Him Known


36 Stress Reducers For Christians

Angel In My Pocket

Look Closer

Choose How You Start Your Day

A Friend


I Am Afraid

The Birdies

God Knows Where You Are

When The Lord Made Nurses

White Roses

The Power of God

What A Difference A Day Makes

Drinking From My Saucer

Only One

Low Self Esteem

Mean Is What We Make It

Keep Your Chin Up

I'm Loved

From A Hospital Room

You are A Keeper

Old Cowboy

Thought For Today

The Smell of God

The parable of The Mousetrap

Flight Against Racism

The Cleaning Lady

Pick up In The Rain

Always Remember Those Who Serve

The Obstacle In Our Path

Giving When It Counts

Making Pancakes

Wonderful Friend

Christian One Liners

If I Knew

$20.00 Bill

Take My Son

A Candle For You

Puppies For Sale

Yes! I love Him

Lord I Thank You, Right Now

I Believe

A Special Grocery List

The Brick

You are Beautiful


Prayer #891

92 y/o ladies philosophy

Wake up

Three Things in Life

God Exists

Little Fireman

Let it Go

Keep Your Fork

A list to Live by

Scars of Life




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