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N.C.E.H.S. Speakers Bureau

NCEHS has available several speakers who are available to provide keynote addresses, workshops, seminars, retreats and concurrent sessions.  Speakers are available 7 days of the week, 24 hours of the day, anyplace in the world.  Speakers are available in many price ranges.  All have been rated excellent in prior programs.

Speaker Quality

NCEHS only utilizes outstanding speakers to provide these services.


Speakers are available in the following areas:

  • School Nursing

  • Home Health Avoiding Medical-Legal Liability

  • Managing Difficult People, Events, and Situations

  • Taking Back Your Time

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Basic to Advanced Considerations in Leadership & Management

  • Legal and Documentation Issues

  • Quality Assurance / Performance Improvement

  • Documentation

  • Team Focusing

  • Speaking / Presenting Like a Pro

  • Marketing and Promotion Strategies

  • Ethics and Ethical Issues / Conduct

  • Mastering Your Survival via Quantum Leap Living

  • Evaluating Staff and Organizational Performance

  • Interacting Effectively

  • Survival Strategies for Personal / Professional Success

  • Winning Your Negotiations

  • Humor In the Work Place

  • People Skills

  • Steps To Success

  • Accreditation / Licensure Compliance

  • How To Prepare For and Pass State/Federal Inspections and Surveys

  • Change and Change Dynamics

  • Selling Tips and Strategies

  • Strategies For Patient/Client Procurement


  • JCAHO Accreditation Compliance

  • Coaching/Teaching Patients

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Maximizing and Integrating Care, Services, and Reimbursement

  • Clinical Case Management, Care and Intervention in Home Care

  • Office Organization

  • Telephone Skills

  • Confidentiality and Privacy Issues

  • Patient Rights

  • Complying With Medicare Conditions of Participation

  • Marketing Professionalism and Client Care

  • How to Be An Effective Speaker / Consultant

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Assessment, Documentation and Care Planning

  • Owning, Operating, and / or Serving AS A Director in Home Care

  • Interpreting and Complying With the JCAHO Requirements

  • Covered versus Non-Covered Services in Home Care

  • The Clinical Leadership Role of the R.N. as Case Manager

  • Strategies For Developing and Implementing Effective Orientation

  • Training and Staff Development Programs

  • How To Be An Effective Director / Instructor in Orientation, CE, Inservice, and Staff Development Departments

  • The Role of the RN and LVN as a Skilled Visit Nurse

  • Office Management and Functioning for Receptionists Secretaries, Administrative Assistants and Office Managers

  • Medicare Reimbursement

  • Medicare Cost Reports

  • Medicaid Cost Reports

  • Accounting 101


Available Speakers

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