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School Nursing Today

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v    Critical Focuses, Issues, Trends, and Mandates
v Avoiding Medical-Legal and Risk Liability
v Speaking / Presenting Like A Pro
v Recognizing Rights, Responsibilities and Realities of the School Nurse
v Individualizing Care, Services and Treatment in the School Environment
v Managing Medically Fragile Children
v Managing Traumatic Death and Violence in and Around the School
v Recording Clinical Actions
v Psycho-Social Issues and Care at School
v The Depressed / Suicidal Child
v Managing Anger-Hostility at School
v Conflict Resolution Strategies at School
v School Avoidance / School Phobia
v Policies and Procedures Focuses
v Assessing and Providing Clinical Care and Treatment at School
v Taking Back Your Time
v Handling the Frequent Visitor to the Nurse
v Survival Tactics

About Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, a recognized author, speaker, consultant and survival strategist has produced and/or presented over 1,000 workshops and seminars attended by thousands nationwide. For over 31 years, Jo has been the heartbeat for program participants leading them in common sense survival approaches to a variety of challenges. Since she founded NCEHS in 1978, she has prided herself on customizing her programs to assure participant empowerment and realistic survival. Dr. Floyd earned the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas. She has been a consultant to over 250 agencies, schools, businesses, associations, universities, hospitals, home care agencies and related facilities throughout the U.S. Never idle for long, Jo is published in numerous professional journals and is the author of Survival Strategies for Managing Life, Stress, Obstacles, Challenge and Change. She is also featured in/on over 60 other nationally distributed audio-visuals and educational materials including: On Leaders and Leadership, Communicating Effectively, Improved Productivity through Stress Management, Documenting Patient Care Legally and Effectively, Legalities of Documentation, Recording Clinical Actions, and On Being The Effective Teacher/Educator/Presenter. Jo is constantly reading, analyzing, networking and researching to continue to bring up to the minute options to her clients nationwide via educational materials, workshops, seminars, keynote addresses and consultation. Dr. Floyd is, also, nationally recognized as a medical-legal expert in the area of legal and documentation issues. She assists in review and analysis of simple to complex medical and legal cases. Jo has received numerous awards, citations and recognitions from a variety of groups. She has held positions as Administrator, Director of Nursing, Education, Surgery and Central Services, Inservice Education Coordinator, Professor, Television and Radio Host, Health Writer, and Staff Nurse. Dr. Floyd has, also owned four businesses. She has been successfully married for over 35 years to Elliott and is the mother of 5 children. Dr. Floyd is an inductee into the Leadership Texas Hall of Fame and the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Floyd has taught numerous school nursing and school health courses throughout the United States. She is also a licensed child care administrator.

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bulletDr. Floyd’s Clients Represent Hospitals Universities, Businesses, Home Care Agencies, Health Care Attorneys, Schools, Churches, Long Term Care Facilities and Related
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