Partial List of Clients of Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd and NCEHS

Below Is A Partial List of Clients Who Have Benefited From Dr. Floyd's
Speaking and Consultant Services

  • Bona Care Inc, Houston, Texas
  • Prestige Home Health Care LLC, Illinois
  • Pathway Hospice, Texas
  • Bethesda Best Home Health & Hospice  Services, LLC,  San Antonio ,Texas
  •  Southwest Medical Staffing, LLC, Texas
  • Sonrisas Therapies-Pediatric Home and Health Care, LLC, Austin, Texas
  • Uniquemed Home and Health care Services, Florida
  • Precious Nurses Home Health, Illinois
  • Guaranteed Medical Services, Inc, Illinois
  • St. Judes Specialty Home and Health Care Services, Inc, Laredo, Texas
  •  Dynamic Home Care, Texas
  • Lone Star Love and Care Inc, Texas
  • El Bethel United Home Health Care, Texas
  •  Eben Home Care Agency, El Paso, Texas
  • Child's Play Therapeutic Home Care, Texas
  • Leon Springs Hospice, LLC, Texas
  • Lifespring Home Health LLC, Texas
  •  Cador Home Health Agency
  •  CN Healthcare Services, Houston, Texas
  • T&T Home Health Agency, Inc, Dallas Texas
  • All Saint's Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Kerrville State Hospital, Kerrville, Texas
  • American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.
  • Texas department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Central Office
  • Vernon State Center, Vernon, Texas
  • National Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital System, San Antonio, Texas
  • Wichita Falls State Hospital, Wichita Falls, Texas
  • San Antonio Area Chapter American Red Cross, San Antonio, Texas
  • Bexar Metro Unit, American Cancer Society, San Antonio, Texas
  • Brownwood Community Hospital, Brownwood, Texas
  • Austin State Hospital, Austin, Texas
  • San Antonio State Hospital, San Antonio, Texas
  • American Nurses Association, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Corpus Christi State School, Corpus Christi
  • Driscoll Foundation Children's Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Odessa Medical Center, Odessa, Texas
  • Schreiner College, Kerrville, Texas
  • St. Philip's College, San Antonio, Texas
  • El Paso Human Development Center, El Paso, Texas
  • The University of Texas Health and Science Center, San Antonio, Texas
  • The University of Texas School of Nursing, Austin, Texas
  • Pan American University, Edinburg, Texas
  • Corpus Christi State University, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Public Health Region 10, Harlingen, Texas
  • Southwest Texas Junior College, Uvalde, Texas
  • San Antonio Chapter, Operating Room Nurses, San Antonio, Texas United Way, Review of Health Agency, San Antonio, Texas


  • Audie Murphie V.A. Hospital, San Antonio, Texas
  • Southwest General Hospital, An Antonio, TexasMt. Sinai Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas
  • Ebony Women in Communication, Waelder, Texas
  • De Tar Hospital, Victoria, Texas
  • William Taylor United Methodist Church, Luling, Texas
  • Friendship Baptist Church, Luling, Texas
  • Antioch Baptist Church, Luling, Texas
  • Texas Association of Disability Examiners, Austin, Texas
  • Kerrville V.A. Hospital, Kerrville,
  • Good Sheppard Medical Center, Longview, Texas
  • Employers Insurance of Texas, Dallas, Texas
  • Dallas Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas
  • Watley Hospital, Texarkana, Texas
  • Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
  • Texas State Technical Institute, Harlingen, Texas
  • Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women, San Antonio, Texas
  • Texas Association of Women's Deans, Administrators, and Counselors, Austin, Texas
  • Federally Employed Women, San Antonio, Texas
  • American Pharmaceutical Association, Office of Women's Affairs, Washington, D.C.
  • Women's Program, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
  • Baptist Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas
  • Veteran's Administration, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Meriter Park Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin
  • The American Nurses Association, Kansas City, Missouri
  • The American National Red Cross, Washington, D.C.
  • The Texas Governor's Commission for Women, Austin, TX
  • The Louisiana Women's Bureau, Louisiana
  • The American Pharmaceutical Association, Washington, D.C.
  • The Texas Department of MH-MR, Austin, Texas
  • National Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas
  • Baylor University, Dallas, Texas
  • The University of Texas, Austin, Texas
  • The Texas Institute of Rehabilitation & Research, Houston, Texas
  • Kerrville State Hospital, Kerrville, Texas
  • Self Care Education, Olympia, Washington
  • Pan American University, Edinburg, Texas
  • Austin State Hospital, Austin, Texas
  • Wichita Falls State Hospital, Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Vernon State Center, Vernon, Texas
  • Federally Employed Women, Texas
  • Medical Center Hospital, Tyler, Texas
  • Watley Hospital, Texarkana, Texas
  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • Texas Association of Disability Examiners, Austin, Texas
  • Homestyle Health Care, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Cole, Cole and Easley, Attorneys, Victoria, TX
  • Strausberg & Price, Attorneys, Dallas, TX
  • Rodriguez & Associates, Attorneys, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Mauze and Jones, San Antonio, TX
  • Hardberger and Rodriguez, San Antonio, TX
  • Todd and Hagood, Alvin, TX
  • Zimmerman and Zimmerman, San Antonio, TX
  • Dave Rodgers, Attorney, San Antonio, TX
  • Southers and Lyons, Attorneys, San Antonio, TX
  • Houston, Marek & Griffin, LLP, Victoria, TX
  • Veronica Erwin, Texas
  • Stapleton, Linesay and Cohen, Brownsville, TX
  • Trenchard, Buckingham and Hoskins, LLP, Kermit, TX
  • Villarreal, Moreno and Ruiz, San Antonio, TX


Health Care Attorney clients of Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Medical Legal Expert

  •  Mark Kennedy, Law, Kennedy Law, Dallas Tx
  • Scott B. McKnight, Attorney, McKnight Firm, FT.Worth, Texas (1978-2012)
  • Paul Romano, Attorney, Law of Paul Romano, Victoria, Texas
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