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Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., R.N.)


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Dr. Floyd is a nationally recognized speaker, author, consultant, coach, medical legal  nurse expert™ , success and survival strategist™, and individual and  corporate problem resolutionist ™ working throughout the U.S.; presenter  of over 5,000 programs when the counting stopped over 15 years ago; author of over 55 guidebooks, manuals, audiotapes, videos and related; and consultant to over 450 organizations nationwide. She is also a licensed child care administrator. Click to learn more about this phenomenal nurse or call 1-866-44NCEHS. Dr. Gloria “Jo” Floyd’s clients represent: Hospitals, Universities, Businesses, Home Care Agencies, Health Care Attorneys, Schools, Long Term Care Facilities, Governmental Entities, Health Care Organizations, Voluntary Healthcare Agencies and related.


Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd (Ph.D., R.N., L.C.C.A) Is a Nationally Recognized Expert In Medical-Legal Case Review And

Analysis In Clinical Care Situations .Dr. Floyd is Featured on these Nationally Distributed Audiovisuals and Educational Materials and others.

Dr. Floyd Is Featured On The Nationally Distributed Audiovisuals


Documenting Patient Care Legally and Effectively


102 Strategies for Protecting Yourself From Medical Legal, and Risk Liability.


As a Great Nurse you Should...


Legalities of Documentation and


Recording Clinical Actions


Legal and Documentation Issues


Developing Plans of Care


Dr. Floyds areas of expertise include... Accreditation/Licensure/Certification Requirements For Home Health Care Agencies, Hospitals,
Nursing Homes and
Similar Facilities, specific to:

bulletPlans of Care
bulletPolicies and Procedures Mandates
bulletMedical Staff Requirements
bulletTreatment Team Requirements
bulletClinical Progress Notes
bulletQuality Assurance
bulletSafety Rules and Standards
bulletPersonnel Issues
bulletInfection Control
bulletEducation For Staff & Patients
bulletEmergency Services
bulletJ.C.A.H.O. Requirements
bulletMedicare Requirements
bulletQuality of Care Mandates
bulletNursing Care Requirements


Clinical and Administrative Areas by Education, Expertice and/or Consultancy

bulletHome Health Care
bulletChild caring Facilities
bulletI.V. (Intravenous Therapy)
bulletNursing Homes
bulletResidential Treatment Centers
bulletOperating Room
bulletPsychiatric-Mental Health
bulletInfection Control
bulletSchool Nurse/School Health


Dr. Floyd is available nationwide to aid in review and analysis of medical records, and related health care issues. She is an expert in documentation and required functioning for professionals and licensed/accredited facilities. Her work is guaranteed and cost efficient. Dr. Floyd personally handles each case and has a variety of associates as resources.


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